Song of the day: Pugwash – "It’s Nice To Be Nice"

After my rudeness yesterday, it’s time to remind myself:

Pugwash – “It’s Nice To Be Nice (2005)

Addendum: I’ve been told by Pugwash’s main chap Thomas Walsh (Hi, Thomas!) that Jollity, the album “It’s Nice To Be Nice” comes from, and the album I thought was unavailable anywhere (see comments below), is actually available at 1969 Records.

Official website
Other official website

6 Responses to Song of the day: Pugwash – "It’s Nice To Be Nice"

  1. Tommy C says:

    Hey Peter. Love the Pugwash song. I found 2 of their old records at Curty Ray's blog. I found a great collection with songs from each of their records at Conqueror of the Moon blog. And I ordered their newest one today. But I can't find the one with this song (Jollity). Can you do me a link? Also, I'm diggin' that Starclock. Thanks! Oh, & I really like the Motor Ace song too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys…thanks for all your support but my stuff is available to buy you know. I barely get by as it is without the constant battle against the 'giving it away' element. Thanks again but take the link down please. Thomas Walsh.

  3. Peter says:

    Many apologies, Thomas. I've deleted the link. No offence was intended. Unfortunately I had thought, judging by what the commenter said, that he wasn't able to find the album, and (admittedly without any research) I had mistakenly thought that it was probably out of print. Oops.

    I'm more than happy to point people in the direction of where they can buy Jollity. I've had a look at the Pugwash website but couldn't find a link for it anywhere.

    I've had a look elsewhere on the Interwebs, and the only place I can find it is a used copy on eBay. (I have a feeling I may not be looking hard enough.)

    All of this leads me to the following question: Would you happen to know where we can buy the little beastie?

    Sorry again, Thomas.

  4. Peter says:

    Hooray! I found out where you can buy Jollity: at the 1969 Records online shop.

    (Note to Thomas: Feel free to ignore about three-quarters of my previous comment — i.e., the parts about me not being able to find it.)

  5. Tommy C says:

    Peter, I apoligize to you & Thomas but I live in the US and I looked but could not find an available copy of Jollity anywhere except for that used one being bid on at EBay. I looked on Amazon,B&N,, as well as a couple of other online CD stores and their website. Their stuff is hard to find – at least here in the US. Right now the only ones I can find are their newest one & Giddy (a best of). Sorry again.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Apologies are never needed guys when there's a love and a will to obtain my little known music. We're forever putting up reminders to how and where you can buy the records (CHEAP!!) but people can still draw a blank in searches. It's frustrating for both sides but thanks for the explanations and for taking the link down. You're very kind and I hope you keep spreading the word of my music as guys like yourselves are much needed by us..!! Thomas Walsh.

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