Song of the day: Evening Grease – "Cos He Must Go"

I know I played you a song by the band-who-must-not-be-named only last week, but I have a huge urge to play you this track by them as well.

Of the two versions I’m presenting here today, I’d like to steer you in the direction of the live one. To explain why, I must warn you that I’m now going to go into Boring Bass Player mode…

I’m a bass player, and for me one of the best things about the live version of this song is the bass in the choruses. The band’s bass player, Peter Gifford, doesn’t do anything fancy – it’s purely the sound that gets me excited. It’s a sound that makes me go “Wow”. (For anyone still reading this paragraph, the cavernous sound of that bass’s bottom end is due to a chorus effect.)

Oh, and there’s one other reason I love this song: the coda. (Or to use the technical term: “the bit at the end”). In the live version it starts at 3:33 (and in the studio, 3:46). I don’t know what it’s doing there at the end of the song, because it has absolutely nothing to do with what went before it, but I think it’s a great piece of music. (I actually think that little coda is one of the best tunes this band ever wrote.) Maybe it was a stray piece of music they had and didn’t want to waste, so they tacked it on the end of the song thinking: “We can put that there. Nobody will mind, will they?”

Evening Grease – “Cos He Must Go” (1985)



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