Song of the day: The Bob Crewe Generation – "Music To Watch Girls By"

Today’s instrumental is a groovy little number (dig that tune, baby):

The Bob Crewe Generation – “Music To Watch Girls By (1967)


Or if you prefer a singin’ version, here’s Andy Williams to satisfy your vocal needs:

Andy Williams – “Music To Watch Girls By (1967)


Incidentally, I found out that I’d already posted both versions of “Music To Watch Girls By” (a couple of years ago). It was part of a selection of songs in an instalment of the Frank’s Faves on Fridays series. But I love this track so much that for this week of instrumentals I’m more than happy to extract it from Frank’s Faves and place it centre stage. (Or, as Americans like to say: “center stage”.)

Also incidentally, I found a video of Andy Williams performing the song on one those 1960’s TV variety shows. Although I think it’s fabulous, I must warn you that it contains an utterly bizarre middle section (starting at 1:04) – Andy stops singing, the orchestra goes off on a wild tangent, and the dancers start dancing like pixies. It’s very strange (and very typical of TV variety shows from the 1960s):

I think the weirdest thing about that video is the background vocals when Andy comes back on after the middle section and resumes his singing (from 2:29). Andy sings “Guys talk…”, and the background vocals do something indescribable the background vocals sound… well, I can’t really describe those background vocals.


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