Song of the day: David Holloway – "Welcome To The Show"

Every week I watch a TV program called Guitar Gods And Masterpieces. It’s about guitarists and their equipment. On the most recent episode (a few days ago), I saw an unusual video. Sandwiched in between various guitarists showing how adroit they can be, and whiz-bang product reviews, was a song called “Welcome To The Show”. The unusual thing about the song was that it was distinctly non-guitar-centric (it didn’t even have a guitar solo in it), which made me wonder why on Earth it was being featured on a program dedicated to hotshot guitarists. Imponderable questions aside, ‘Welcome To The Show” is a tribute to John Lennon. It’s by an Australian chap by the name of David Holloway.

I liked the song, and made it my mission to find it and put it on the blog.

So I did.

David Holloway – “Welcome To The Show” (2000-ish*)
Welcome To The Show

To me, that sounds like a mixture of The Beatles’ “Dear Prudence” and Oasis’ “Wonderwall”.


(David says this in his description of the video on YouTube: “A tribute song to John Lennon that I wrote about 12 years ago with a friend S. Winkley and just got around to making a clip for. Guest appearances by Jake Hills, Patch Brown, Tommy Govic & Tani Jordan.”)


4 Responses to Song of the day: David Holloway – "Welcome To The Show"

  1. side3 says:

    This is fantastic!

  2. Peter says:

    I'm glad you like it, side3. And I dare say Mr. Holloway is glad you like it, too. However, I still haven't figured out what that video was doing on a show dedicated to hotshot guitarists.

  3. Peter says:

    And I haven't figured out where I can buy it. David Holloway sure has made it difficult to purchase his wares.

  4. stonefish55 says:

    WOW! How good is that! Excellent choice Peter, excellent choice!!!

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