Song of the day: Status Quo – "I Didn’t Mean It"

A long, long, long, long time ago (1994) I was watching an episode of Video Hits, an Australian television program featuring both the hits of the day (well, the ones that had videos) and “predictions” (i.e., the videos record companies hope the TV program will play and help make them hits).

One of the hit predictions on that day was Status Quo‘s “I Didn’t Mean It“. While I was watching and listening to it I had two thoughts…

1. I didn’t know Status Quo were still making records; and

2. I thought the song hopelessly out of step with the times because it was full of cheery tunes, and didn’t sound anything like either of the two predominant musical trends of the day:

    a) mopey, moaning, self-loathing grunge; and
    b) R&B*

Anyway, I liked that Status Quo song – no matter how destined it was for anonymity. (It was a Status Quo song released in 1994.)

Status Quo – “I Didn’t Mean It (1994)


(*For me, the term R&B as it is applied nowadays – or even in 1994 – is wildly inaccurate. I’d always thought that “R&B” stood for “Rhythm and Blues”, and had at least a modicum of melody to go with the rhythm. But with all the rap stuff claiming to be “R&B”, I can hear plenty of rhythm but no singin, just a lot of speaking over a beat. As a result, I’d prefer to call it R&T: Rhythm and Talking.)


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