Song of the day: The New Pornographers – "Think About Me"

I’m going to be terribly unoriginal here (i.e., no thinking involved) and pinch a song from another blog for today’s Song of the day.

It’s a cover of Fleetwood MacThink About Me“, and I found it on Sal Nunziato’s Burning Wood blog (Hi, Sal!):

The New Pornographers – “Think About Me (2012)

Think About Me | The New Pornographers by concordmusicgroup

That appears on a Fleetwood Mac tribute album, Just Tell Me That You Want Me.

On Sal’s post, regular commenter FD13NYC (Hi, FD!) said that he preferred Michael Carpenter‘s version:

Michael Carpenter – “Think About Me (2011)

Here’s the original:

Fleetwood Mac – “Think About Me (1979)


I’ll try to think of an original post tomorrow, one that involves a song you won’t find just by going to another blog.

The New Pornographers official website

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