Song of the day: Robert Palmer – "Johnny And Mary"

I’ve remembered* another song from the 1980s that I like a lot:

Robert Palmer – “Johnny And Mary (1980)


I love the mood of “Johnny And Mary”. But my favourite part of the song, and it’s the bit that hooked me in when I first heard it, is the synthesizer bass that plays one note a few times in the song. (The first one appears at 1:17.) It’s nice and deep, and it goes “oooooooommmmmmm”. I love it.

That synthesizer bass note reminds me of another synthesizer bass note that I adore. It’s the descending one in Heart‘s “Magic Man“:

Heart – “Magic Man (1976) (excerpt)


That always sounds great, no matter what audio equipment you’re playing it on.

But back to “Johnny And Mary”…

Well, that’s two songs in a row from the 80s that I’ve played on the blog. (I’m starting to feel like an Australian FM radio station. Eccch.)

Don’t worry – I won’t fill the rest of this week with songs from the 80s. I couldn’t do that to myself. I like variety. Variety!

Before you go, here’s the full version of “Magic Man”:

Heart – “Magic Man (1976)


(*Thanks to my friend Steve for reminding me about “Johnny And Mary”. I’d completely forgotten about it in the three intervening decades until now.)


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