Song of the day: Splinter – "Costafine Town"

Regular blog-commenting dude side3 (Hi, sidey!) recently mentioned on my Song of the day post featuring “Junior’s Farm” that it was the second single he ever bought. Splendid.

That reminded me of what I think is the second single my brother bought (Guten tag, Bruder!):

Splinter – “Costafine Town” (1974)


It was either my brother or me who bought that. But I’m pretty sure it was him.

I definitely remember the first single he bought, but I won’t play it here because I think it might make him cringe if I mention it in public.

Beatles-related Trivia: George Harrison took Splinter under his wing, signing them to his Dark Horse Records label, producing “Costafine Town” (and the album it appeared on), and also playing on it (under the pseudonym of Hari Georgeson).

I think George liked Splinter.

Update: I’ve just discovered that my fellow Australian blogger Stonefish (Hi, Stoneamatic!) posted “Costafine Town” last year. Excellent.

5 Responses to Song of the day: Splinter – "Costafine Town"

  1. fitzall says:

    You've got me thinking, Peter. The 1st single I bought was 'Elusive Butterfly' by Bob Lind. I must have been out to impress a young lady at junior school with my sensitive side!

  2. Peter says:

    Hey, OneSize: I'm glad you have a sensitive side. And you've inspired me to post “Elusive Butterfly” on this here blog. I found it, had a listen, enjoyed it, and thought “I can write about that.”

    So, unless you have any strong objections (such as “Don't ruin my childhood with your caustic words!”), I'll post “Elusive Butterfly” fairly shortly.

  3. stonefish55 says:

    Gotta just come right out and spit it out – Bob Lind is a heck of a long way from Power Pop …

    Not that I don't like the song – and Susan Jacks (Poppy Family) also did a pretty good solo version of the song.

    You know – it might be old age, but I can't remember what the first single that I bought was – but it did remind me of something funny, which I only recently confessed to. My aunt, whose roots are firmly ensconced in opera, once bought my youngest brother a single – the singer was Heintje and the song was “I'm Your Little Boy.” It was absolutely horrid – so much so, that after hearing it played once too often, I took it deep into the back yard, melted it down and buried it. Problem solved. I think Australia's Jamie Redfern covered it – and that was awful as well.

    Yep – Bob Lind leaves Heintje for dead!!! But it's still a galaxy away from Power Pop – time to change the name of the blog my friend (missed the R in friend when I first typed that – but no nasty intention sought Pierre, but worth mentioning).

  4. fitzall says:

    I tend to agree with you on Heintje, Stoney. Mind you, your brother is probably still searching for it. But as you're now a lot older & wiser , I've sent you a copy of it (with scratches) so you can reassess your thoughts & perhaps put it on a CD for your bro. Happy families!!

  5. Peter says:


    My charming companion (Hi, Renate!) grew up listening to Heintje (her mother loved Heintje – he was every mother's favourite son in the 1960s), so I ended up hearing him too.

    And Stonefish: You can call me anything you like. Peter, Pete, Pierre, Pedro, Piolini, Parsley – I don't mind. I used to be bothered about “Pete” but not so much anymore. I've come to realise it's a sign of friendliness rather than linguistic laziness. I used to think “Grrr – it's only one more syllable. My name's Peter. Pea. Ter. Grrr.” But now I don't.

    By the way, the Heintje song I remember most is “Mama“. It tells you all you need to know about The Nicest Boy In The World.

    Also by the way, in that video of “Mama” Heintje looks exactly as I'd imagine ABBA's Bjorn Ulvaeus looked as a child. (Photos of Bjorn here.)

    I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I love the Internet.

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