Song of the day: Agony Aunts – "Night Circling Sharks"

Now here’s a band that recycles – in a good way.

I was listening to the splendid slightly-psychedlic/slighty-baroque-pop/mostly-lovely Agony Aunts album Greater Miranda, and noticed that one of the tracks on the album was a sneaky reworking of one of its other tracks:

And I like how the lyrics are reworked. (For example, “We slipped through the dark” in the first song becomes “We’ll skip through the park” in the second):

Night Circling Sharks

We slipped through the dark
Wasted our consciousness, breathing our morals like glue
Night-Circling Sharks
Traded for all of this, needing some normal review

When you see me jumping out of my skin
I’ll tell you which of them are haunting me in there
In your lighthouse, bathing the scene
This is your nightmare up on the screen

We’re shaken and shocked
Finding your broken and bleeding and bloated remains
I’m waiting to talk, waiting for Amity Police to be cordoning the scene

When you see me tumbling out of my chair
You’ll be no worse for lack of something to wear
This is your timeshare, rest of the week
There were no nights where everyone sleeps

Your angels and gods,
Taken you up to relieve you your former physique,
By now have been brought to justice,
Rewarding your soul with remorse and retreat

When you see me standing there on the dock
I’ll wish you’d told me what you said when you talked
There in your light house, painting the scene
This is your night mare up on the screen

Evergreen Park

We’ll skip through the park
Maybe we’re thoughtless in deeds; we’ll explore like we do
I’m Lewis, you’re Clark
Making amends with me, ceding inordinate rules

When you see me forming into your twin
I know you’ll switch to one who’s holding the pin
There in your white lodge Shining & clean
This is your nightmare up on the screen

We’ll secretly talk
Blinded by motive, repeating your token refrains
I’ll brazenly mock
All of your family’s needs to be torn at the seams

When you see me storming into your lair
You’ll be so terse, in fact, you won’t even care
There in your white maze, frozen & green
This is your nightmare up on the screen

Why don’t more bands do that? I know a lot of bands release songs that sound remarkably similar, but that’s not the same as a band using one of their songs as a template for another.


2 Responses to Song of the day: Agony Aunts – "Night Circling Sharks"

  1. Bonus level: What horror/suspense films are each of these songs about?

  2. Peter says:

    I have absolutely no idea, MJM. As a confirmed scaredy cat, I don't watch horror movies (except for those old black-and-white ones where everything was left to your imagination) so I wouldn't have a clue what the Agony Aunts are singing about. I thought it was just standard psychedelic nonsense.

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