Song of the day: Fountains Of Wayne – "Yolanda Hayes"

I just listened to Fountains Of Wayne‘s latest (and possibly last – it sure sounds valedictory) album, Sky Full Of Holes, one more time. (I’ve heard it nine times now.) Just before it began I thought: “I like Fountains Of Wayne. I’ll put one of those newer songs on the blog.”

The only trouble is (gee whiz), there wasn’t any song on the album I thought was suitable for the mood I was in (bright ‘n’ breezy). “OK,” I thought to myself, “How about I go back an album and find something there?” So I listened to Traffic And Weather, and found “Yolanda Hayes”: “Yep, that’s more like it. There’s a great little catchy bit in it where they sing ‘who do you love…’.” *

Fountains Of Wayne – “Yolanda Hayes (2007)


Update for anyone interested (which would make just me): After listening to both Sky Full Of Holes and Traffic and Weather back-to-back again after not doing that for a quite some time, I’d say:

  • I like Sky Full Of Holes less than I used to; and
  • I like Traffic and Weather more than I used to.

And that is probably the dullest paragraph you’ll read all day week.

Official website

(*Ah, the wonders of pareidolia. The following punctuation .’.” looks like a little dog facing away from me but looking back towards me. The dots are paws, the single quotation mark is the tail, and the double quotation mark is the face looking at me. Ah, pareidolia.)

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