Song of the day: Preoccupied Pipers – "Implication Dogs"

I’m a bit of a fan of American psychedelic/baroque-pop/twee-pop band the Agony Aunts, and after finding as much of their music as I could, I found out that last year they had released a free-to-download album entitled Single Of The Month Club. It’s a compendium of songs by the Agony Aunts and 11 other bands, all contributing two songs per month (an A-side and a B-side).

Although Single Of The Month Club was a bit hit-and-miss for me (I found the enterprise admirable but the results variable in song quality), there was a non-Agony Aunts song that I liked a lot. Here ’tis:

Preoccupied Pipers – “Implication Dogs” (October A-Side) (2011)

By the way, the band’s accompanying B-Side (“Daddy’s A Love Farm“) also appears on the blog, but as part of this Musical coincidence.


One Response to Song of the day: Preoccupied Pipers – "Implication Dogs"

  1. Randall Chet says:

    love your blog – just discovered it.

    If you like this song you should love Amy Rigby's The Good Girls from 1996! Its on spotify. Of course it borrows heavily from 60's sugary pop itself. I think this version was remixed from the original release. Cheers.

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