Musical coincidences # 297

There I was, innocently listening to the Japanese remastered catalogue of Electric Light Orchestra‘s discography – from 1971’s Electric Light Orchestra to 1986’s Balance Of Power but not including the 2001 “comeback” album Zoom – and in parts of quite a few of the songs I heard bits of other songs. It was very annoying, because every time I heard yet another “influence”, I thought to myself: “Jeff Lynne can’t keep borrowing music from other people, can he? I mean, he’s got to stop sometime – doesn’t he?” But no. As I kept listening I’d hear another bit of music from somewhere else. Over time, I’ll try to present you with what I heard. (That’s if I remember all of the coincidences. If not, I may have to – gulp – listen to the whole thing all over again.)

Incidentally, I’d like to take this opportunity to say something: now that I’ve listened to the (almost) entire Electric Light Orchestra discography, I think everything after 1977’s Out Of The Blue is horrible – with a capital H.

To be fair to Mr. Lynne, this cross-pollination does work the other way too, with other people borrowing his ideas. For example, an Australian band that I get into trouble for mentioning by name (rhymes with Dip Finals) have a song that reminds me a lot of one of Jeff’s creations.

A band I’d rather not mention by name – “Heart Telegraph (1986) (excerpt)


And the Electric Light Orchestra from a few years earlier:

Electric Light Orchestra – “Here Is The News (1981)


Here are the full versions:

A band I shan’t name – “Heart Telegraph (1986)


Electric Light Orchestra – “Here Is The News (1981)


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