Song of the day: Candy Butchers – "What To Do With Michael"

The third Mike Viola CD arrived in the post*. It’s Hang On Mike (credited to the Candy Butchers, but it’s basically Mike and friends), and I must confess that after one listen I’m especially keen on it. (Note to self: Listen to it more than once.)

However, there were two tracks that I liked immediately. This is one of them:

Candy Butchers – “What To Do With Michael” (2004)


(*See here for clarification.)


3 Responses to Song of the day: Candy Butchers – "What To Do With Michael"

  1. side3 says:

    I promise I will comment on more than just Mike Viola posts, but I love this album. I think it is one of the most personal albums ever made. It makes more sense if you know that MV was a local wunderkind (see this Falling Into Place promo:

    and that his first wife died of cancer very young (the “Kim” referenced in the song “Painkillers” and one of the 'girls by the pool' in “Kiss Alive II”. I'm not sure why this guy is not a huge star.

  2. Peter says:

    Hey, side3: Thanks for letting me know about Mike's promo video / mini documentary. I watched it, enjoyed it, and found it enlightening. (I knew nothing about Mike's past.)

    I had no idea just how personal Hang On Mike was/is to Mr. Viola. I must confess that when I listen to popular music I'm usually very inattentive to the lyrics. I respond primarily to melody, harmony, and rhythm – in that order. Lyrics come a very distant second (or fourth, depending on how you view the previous sentence).

    I'm not entirely sure why Mike isn't more popular either. I guess it's yet another example of the vagaries of the music industry. (Who knows why some artists are popular and others aren't nowadays?)

    By the way, the fourth CD arrived in the mail. It's Falling Into Place. I haven't heard it yet, but when I do the blog will find itself suitably pestered.

  3. side3 says:

    Lyrics are usually not my main thing either, but sometimes…

    “Falling Into Place” is MV at his most commercial. Really his big stab at pop stardom. It was the first MV/CB album I owned.

    It contains one of my fav lyrics, period…”If I could break your heart/just to see what you're made of and what you're afraid of”..I love that one.

    This is the song:

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