Jobs You May Not Be Interested In # 219

This post has nothing to do with music.

A friend of mine (Hi, Stephen!) emailed me a video and mentioned that after watching it he may now need therapy. I watched it, and emailed him back with a few comments. After sending off the email, I found myself in the mood to put both the video and comments here.

Don’t worry – I won’t make my idiotic emails a regular feature on this blog. If you’re not interested in this post at all, no sweat. There’ll be another post along soon enough – and it’ll be about music.


My favourite parts of the video:

0:22 – The text mentioned about going up a “gided tower”. For a moment I thought that “gided” was French, until I realised it was a typo.

2:18-2:22 – I laughed out loud when the ultra-relaxed voiceover guy drawled: “It’s good to relax, and look around while you rest”. I thought of people watching the video at this point who would definitely not be thinking the same thing.

At this point in the video, as the chappy looked around at the vista, I thought to myself: “Height is meaningless.” (Although it’s not meaningless to someone who’s falling. It means they’re falling and will soon meet the ground.)

2:32 – Was that a Stormtrooper from Star Wars?

2:39 – “Here you can see an electrical junction box…” Yes you can.

2:42-2:50 – I thought that this part of the video, where the maintenance guy/daredevil started the last part of the climb and instinctively looked down then up whenever he took a step, is probably the part that would terrify viewers the most. It’s this part of the video where having a camera on your helmet may not be the best thing for anyone not doing the climbing.

5:30 – Height is meaningless.

5:33 – I thought that (possibly) dubbed thunderclap was silly.

5:51 – Climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing…

6:20 – Yay! A shot of the horizon to help your eustachian tubes restore a sense of balance.

6:43 – At the very top is a beacon, and my first thought was: “He climbed all that way just to change a light bulb?”

6:51 – “This is the tricky part.” That has to be one of the greatest examples of understatement I have ever heard.

7:00 – I’d like to retract my earlier statement about the most terrifying part of the video being 2:42-2:50. I dare say this part, at about 7:00 where the climber leans over the beacon, may be even more terrifying for anyone watching the video. (Well, anyone who got this far.)

7:05 – And he leans over more. Can I take back what I said in the previous paragraph?

7:05 (part 2) – Well there you go. I didn’t know there was that pole above the beacon. It’s nice to know the climber has something to hold on to when he’s at the top. That’s helpful. When you’re 1,768 feet in the air. Without a safety harness.

7:11 – I’m sure that’s a Stormtrooper. Or a BASE jumper. Or maybe it’s the climber’s supervisor, making sure he’s doing the job properly. (Supervisor: “Good work, Bob.”)


Postscript: I can understand the terror involved in watching something like that but I must admit that I was fine because throughout most of it I was thinking non-terrifying thoughts. (See above.)

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