Song of the day: Motel Beds – "Dumb Gold"

I received an email from a band called Motel Beds letting me know they have a new song available for listenin’ to. Unfortunately, my email program decided the message was spam so it was promptly thrown into the Junk E-mail folder. (Maybe it was the band name that caused consternation. The phrase “motel beds” does sound a little suspicious…)

Before I deleted my unwanted emails I spotted the little critter (I do like to know what I’m throwing out before it disappears in case there’s something – like a message from a band – that shouldn’t be deleted), and told my email program in no uncertain terms that any message from “Motel Beds” is fine. (I sincerely hope there are salacious emails out there containing the phrase “motel beds”.)

So, with the Motel Beds email sitting comfortably where it was supposed to be (Message to my email program: “Stop that”), I followed the link it had to their latest song:

I like it.

I like the song’s combination of Fifties chord progressions and power-poppin’ poppiness. More please.

Official website

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