Song of the day: Elvis Costello – "…This Town…"

I like free association. It’s the reason today’s post exists.

This is how today’s post came about:

  1. Commenter Jon (Hi, Jon!) asked to hear a particular Split Enz song on the blog. He also mentioned that he had a bit of trouble with some of my older Split Enz posts, which prompted me to repair them.
  2. One of the old Split Enz posts highlighted the bass playing of Nigel Griggs.
  3. Nigel Griggs is one of my favourite bass players. I’d describe him as coming from the Paul McCartney school of melodic, fluid bass playing.
  4. Paul McCartney’s bass playing on Elvis Costello‘s “Veronica” is magnificent.
  5. “Veronica” appears on Elvis Costello’s album Spike.
  6. The opening track on Spike is “… This Town… “, and it has a jangly chorus that I adore.
  7. I discovered that I’ve never put “… This Town …” on the blog.

As a result of that free association, may I present to you:

Elvis Costello – “… This Town …” (1989)


2 Responses to Song of the day: Elvis Costello – "…This Town…"

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