Musical coincidences # 343

Unfortunately for you, I’m in a huge King Crimson phase at the moment. That means I’m going to inflict you with a King Crimson song in the next few days. (I must apologise also to all the other music I’m not listening to at the moment.)

I say “huge” because King Crimson has an enormous discography – the more King Crimson I find there more there is to find. It seems infinite*. But I’m ploughing on regardless, because when I get into one of these phases I feel compelled to listen to as much of that artist’s output as I can, no matter how large it is.

In the course of my listening to King Crimson’s gazillion-and-eleventy tracks, I came across one called “Cat Food“.

It starts like this:

Update: I received a warning from Blogger about something in this post infringing on copyright. Because I’ve played you plenty of Beatles song before, but not King Crimson, my powers of deduction – however weak they are – have deduced that it must be King Crimson (or, more precisely, their record company) that I’m upsetting.

So, off with the King Crimson track. I’ll substitute it with a YouTube clip of the song.

Ah, the weirdness of copyright law…

Update 2: Well, wadda ya know? I had another look at the message I received from Blogger, and it tells me that the nastiness in this post comes not from the King Crimson track but from The Beatles’ “Come Together”. Well, colour me befuddled. This is the first time I’ve ever received a copyright infringement notice about a Beatles track.

Never mind, I’ve modified both tracks now. On with the coincidence…

King Crimson – “Cat Food” (1970) (excerpt)

That reminds me of…

The Beatles – “Come Together (1969) (excerpt)

Those bass lines are similar enough for me to say: “They’re similar enough for me”.

Here are the full versions:

King Crimson – “Cat Food” (1970)
(See above.)

The Beatles – “Come Together (1969)
(See above.)

(*It’s not infinite. Wikipedia says: “The discography of King Crimson consists of 13 studio albums, 25 live albums, 8 compilation albums, 3 EPs, 14 singles and 6 video albums.” Help!)

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