Song of the day: King Crimson – "21st Century Schizoid Man"

Update: This post contains music by a band that appears to have a litigious record company, because I received a complaint via Blogger that a recent Musical coincidence involving this particular band was a legal no-no (i.e., I couldn’t play a song in it).

Nevertheless, because I’ve already written today’s post I don’t want to waste it, so I’ll present it to you without an MP3 of the song I want to play you.

Update 2: Oops. It wasn’t King Crimson who didn’t appreciate me playing their music. (It was The Beatles.) Ah well. I’ll leave this post as it is. If you want to hear the MP3 of today’s song then let me know and I’ll reinstate it.


As you may be aware, I’m on a King Crimson binge at the moment. That means I’m going to pester you with some of their music.

(Hopefully not too much, otherwise you might run away screaming from this supposedly power-pop-orientated blog. I’ll try to minimise your King Crimson exposure. But there is a fairly enormous Musical coincidence coming up – as soon as I can finish it.)

In choosing one of King Crimson’s 2,315* songs, I’ve decided to go with something containing a monster riff.

Let’s get heavy:

King Crimson – “21st Century Schizoid Man (1969)

(*That’s a guess. It may be more.)

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