Musical coincidences # 344

I wonder how many other band-playing-underwater music videos there are…

Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males – “Drowning In The Fountain Of Youth (2006)
(Skip to 0:17)

The New Mastersounds – “You Mess Me Up (2012)
(Skip to 0:36)

Madness – “It Must Be Love (1981)
(Skip to 2:24)

Brimstone Butterfly – “Normality Killed The Cat” (2004_
(Skip to 0:07)

Seeed – “Tide Is High” (2000)
(Skip to 1:04)

Timothy Jaromir – “Heartlines” (2011)
(Skip to 2:17)

Twentyfirst Night – “Mimpi Kita” (2012)
(Skip to 0:24)

Alejandro Rivera – “La Fiesta del Agua” (2012)
(Skip to 2:27)

Doctor – “Rabbit Hole (2011)
(Skip to 0:16)

Doctor – “Rabbit Hole” from Flagship Entertainment on Vimeo.

Stillwater Giants – “Give In To Me” (2012)
(Skip to 0:23)

There are more (here), but 10 videos in this post is already too many.

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