Song of the day: Jason Falkner – "Maybe The Universe"

Here’s another randomly-selected song to keep you going until I finish writing those band-requested posts.

(When I say “you”, I mean “me”. You’re under no obligation to read this blog.)

Here’s power-popper Jason Falkner with a splendid song from his splendid album, All Quiet On The Noise Floor:

Jason Falkner – “Maybe The Universe” (2009)


I’d like to thank the ultra-friendly Maurice (Hi, Maurice!) for reminding me of the wondrousness of All Quiet On The Noise Floor, and inadvertently causing this post. Maurice has a blog called I’m In Love With That Song. It has a series of podcasts featuring albums that are discussed by Maurice and guest music lovers. Maurice recently asked me to join him in a chinwag about any album I chose, but due to my utter terror at the prospect of speaking in public I declined as swiftly as possible. Sorry Maurice. But thanks for reminding me of All Quiet On The Noise Floor.

By the way, when I asked Maurice if it was alright that I mentioned our potentially private conversation he said something along the lines of: “That’s quite alright, old bean. Go right ahead. What ho!” Maurice may not have actually adopted a toffee-nosed English accent for his reply (I probably remembered that a little incorrectly), but he did say it was OK. He then asked me a small favour, to which I replied “Indubitably! Ask away, rapscallion!” (I may not have used those exact words. My memory’s a bit hazy.)

Maurice wanted me to tell you that you can access the I’m In Love With That Song podcasts on iTunes or on the blog. Easy.

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