Song of the day: Matt Ryd – "Nobody But Me"

Some time ago I posted some songs by a pleasant young man called Matt Ryd. Back then I was notified about Matt’s pleasantness by the magnificently named August Forte. (I love that name.)

Well, August recently sent me another message:


Matt Ryd’s last CD, 2010’s Looking For Home, received positive reviews on pop/power pop blogs and the single “Healed” was featured on the popular TV series Scrubs.

Now, three years later, Matt has released Ryd ‘Em Cowboy, a 3-song EP that finds the Chicago-based singer/songwriter gravitating toward a more alt-country sound.

You’re not wrong there, August.

Now that I’ve heard the EP, I reckon you could take away the “alt” from that “alt-country” and it’d be a more accurate description (especially track 1):

Matt RydRyd ‘Em Cowboy (2013)

I enjoyed those songs, but I must admit that I had to repeatedly restrain myself. All the time I was listening to “Nobody But Me” I had a huge urge to shout “Yee-ha!”. Sorry about my gaucheness, Matt.

By the way, August told me that the second track, “Long, Long Time”, “features very special guest Mike Mentzer (ex-I Fight Dragons)”. Unfortunately, that meant nothing to me, because I have absolutely no idea who Mike Mentzer is, or what I Fight Dragons is. I feel compelled to apologise to people I’ve never met. Sorry, folks, for not knowing who you are.

Update: I’ve just discovered there’s a band called I Fight Dragons.

And as for this “Mike Mentzer” character, there’s a bodybuilder called Mike Menzter

Mike Mentzer

…but he died in 2001. So I’m fairly sure the Mike Menzter that August talked about in his email probably isn’t the Mike Mentzer who had been a bodybuilder.


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