Song of the day: Graham Alexander – "On The Outside (Looking In)"

I don’t know about you, but I’ve recently been pestered on Facebook by frequently seeing little ads for some chap called Graham Alexander, a musician from the United States (of America). I thought that maybe if I listened to one or two of his songs I’d stop getting the ads, so I went to his website and had a listen.

I didn’t mind Mr. Alexander’s songs at all. Well, there were a couple I did mind, but I thought most of them were not bad.

(I can see the blurb now, where Graham’s publicist gathers quotes from all over the Internet:

Robinson’s Pop Dairy says “Spectacular songs!”
Popping’ Pop of Pop says “In a word: Wow!”
Terry And His Duffle Coat Of Opinions says “The songs have a level of maturity that belies this young man’s age.”
To The Power of Pop says “The songs are dynamite!”
In Amongst The Pop Gardenias says “These songs are so creative they blaze a trail across the pop sky”
Peter’s Power Pop says ‘They’re not bad’.


So, thanks to the power of advertising, here is Graham Alexander and a selection of his ditties that I liked, starting with my favourite:

GrahamAlexander – “On The Outside (Looking In) (2011)

GrahamAlexander – “Biggest Fan (2011)

By the way, the start of “Biggest Fan” reminded me of:

ABBA – “You Owe Me One (1982) (excerpt)

Now back to Graham, this time in Emitt Rhodes mode:

GrahamAlexander – “Only Fools Rush In (2011)

And here he is channelling the vocals of Eric Carmen:

GrahamAlexander – “Replace Me (2011)
REPLACE ME by GrahamAlexander

Now hopefully those Facebook ads for Graham will go away.

Official website

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