Musical coincidences # 378

On my most recent Jellyfish binge I noticed something in one of their songs that I hadn’t noticed before in all the times I’d heard it.

I had just finished listening to “Glutton Of Sympathy”, and the guitar solo decided to stay in my brain for a while. As I repeatedly heard the start of the solo in my head…

Jellyfish – “Glutton Of Sympathy” (1993) (excerpt)


…I had a vague feeling that I’d heard that melody somewhere before.

I kept singing it to myself, and a few words eventually appeared. Those words were “I took my baby…”.

And then I realised what the other song was. I was gobsmacked. I was so surprised by the realisation that I actually said “Wow” out loud.

I was surprised because the other song is very well-known. So well-known that you’re guaranteed to know it, no matter what your taste in music. In 1991 it went to number one in 19 countries. That’s how well-known it is. And in all the times I’d listen to the Jellyfish song, I’d never noticed the similarity before. (Ah, the mysteries of the human mind.)

I’d love to tell you the identity of the singer of that other song, but his name is so popular in the music industry, and his record company so powerful, that the legal forces behind him tend to shut down anyone playing even parts of his music. And I really don’t want this blog to be deleted because I played you three seconds of his music.

I’ll leave the song title intact, but I’ll give him a slightly modified name (I’d like to keep this blog):

Ezekial Hackton – “Black Or White (1991) (excerpt)


Here are the full versions:

Jellyfish – “Glutton Of Sympathy” (1993)


Ezekial Hackton – “Black Or White (1991)
Nothing to see here. Please move away.

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