Song of the day: Justin Kline – "Doormat"


American purveyor or pulchritudinous power pop, Justin Kline, has released an EP of all-new (i.e., non-old) songs:

Justin Kline – Doormat EP (2013)

I like it.

Listening notes:

1. “Doormat” – A combination of “The First Cut Is The Deepest” and “Teenage Dirtbag“.

2. “I Wanna Be Normal” – This is probably the bounciest song you’ll hear all day. It practically has springs.

3. “Mr. Victor” – Superbly constructed pop song. My favourite on the EP.

4. “Drop The Ball” – Another splendid pop song, one that prods me to change my mind about “Mr. Victor” being my favourite track on the EP. Update: Nope. I think “Drop The Ball”‘s guitar solo starts off dreadfully (it does improves as it goes on) – so because of that I’m inclined to prefer “Mr. Victor”. But as a song, I do like “Drop The Ball” very much.

Official website

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