The Last Post

Cup of tea


Unfortunately, the blogging police didn’t take too kindly to my enthusiasm for playing you songs I liked, so they decided to delete my blog where it originally resided (over at Blogger).

I moved the blog over here to WordPress, and here is where it now sits, but it’s in archive form only. Due to the threat of litigation, I’m under strict instructions from people close to me (people I may be related to) not to start up another popular music blog. So I’m respecting their trepidatious wishes and not continuing with what was a heap o’ fun for me.

Although the MP3s of all the songs on the blog have been removed, at least everything I typed is still there. So, if you’re ever thoroughly bored, feel free to browse these old, old posts.



2 Responses to The Last Post

  1. Zolland says:

    Damn shame you got shut down. Wish you could make a comeback!

    • Peter says:

      Thanks for the commiserations, Zolland.

      I enjoyed the blog while it lasted, but now all I can do is get philosophical and say, “Ah well”.

      Incidentally, I did create another blog, but it’s not about pop music at all. It’s called Peter’s Planets, and it ranks all available CDs of Gustav Holst’s The Planets: .

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