About Peter’s Power Pop


This is the archive of a blog I had over at Blogger.

Unfortunately, over at Blogger Peter’s Power Pop received a few too many complaints from records companies, so Blogger deleted the blog.

Fortunately, I had backed up the blog, so I imported it into WordPress (i.e., here), which is where it currently resides for anyone wanting to read it. (Unfortunately, WordPress stripped the blog of its MP3s when it imported all that data. But the text and images are all still there.)

I’m under strict instructions (from people I may be related to, and who were very concerned that I received legal threats from record companies) not to blog anymore.

However, I occasionally post musical coincidences over at YouTube.

And if you want a chat, you can find me on Facebook and Twitter.

9 Responses to About Peter’s Power Pop

  1. herb eimerman says:

    peter…i think it’s cool you posted ‘what does it take’ on youtube…..can you please edit your comments …under ‘from the album either way’ can you include that the nerk twins are jeff murphy and herb eimerman…if someone does a search by name they can find this video then…cool…thanks…herb eimerman

  2. Roger Worton says:

    Where have you goner Peter?


  3. Richard says:

    Peter, many thanks for the 6 Hit Scene videos posted on Midoztouch. They are brilliant memories. I used to play football on a Saturday at the age of 13 and would come home to watch Hit Scene after the game circa 1969-70. Also quite sad seeing the likes of Ted Mulry, Darryl Cotton and Ian Turpie … all no longer with us. Again, many thanks for Hit Scene. If you know of anywhere I can get any more I’d be very grateful – Richard

  4. JA says:

    Enjoyed hearing happy people by Fab. Haven’t heard that for 25 years

  5. jeremiuat says:

    Hi Peter !, please re-upload this track – Jebediah – “Worlds Away“ (2004), link is dead, and… Thank You.

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