Musical coincidences # 404

July 22, 2013

This coincidence involves only four notes, but they’re four notes doing pretty much the same thing in two different songs:

10cc – “The Hospital Song (1973) (excerpt)

Argent – “Hold Your Head Up (1972) (excerpt)

Here are the full versions:

10cc – “The Hospital Song (1973)

Argent – “Hold Your Head Up (1972)

Musical coincidences # 401

July 12, 2013

At the end of my Pilot listening marathon (is listening to four albums by the same artist a “marathon”?), I noticed something very noticeable in the very last track I heard:

Pilot – “Hold Me” (live) (1975) (excerpt)

10cc – “Good Morning Judge (1977) (excerpt)

Here are the full versions:

Pilot – “Hold Me” (live) (1975)

10cc – “Good Morning Judge (1977)

Song of the day: David Myhr – "The Things We Do For Love"

May 16, 2013


David Myhr – “The Things We Do For Love (2013)

Here’s the original, in case you’re the kind of person who listens to cover versions of songs and thinks “Hmm, how does it stack up to the original?”:

10cc – “The Things We Do For Love (1977)

I think David’s version stacks up admirably.

Song of the day: 10cc – "The Things We Do For Love"

April 19, 2013

I discovered yesterday that DivShare, the file-sharing service containing most of the MP3 on this blog, has de-activated my account.

And yesterday I also received a Blogger copyright infringement notice telling me that I wasn’t allowed to play you TSAR’s “I Don’t Wanna Breakup” on the blog.

Today’s song is dedicated to both DivShare and Blogger:

10cc – “The Things We Do For Love (1977)

Song of the day: 10cc – "The Film Of My Love"

February 7, 2013

Last week I was on a Supertramp binge.

Well, this week it’s 10cc.

I had just finished listening to 10cc’s third album, The Original Soundtrack, and was about to go off and listen to something else – something new by an up-and-coming band – in order to review it for this blog, but The Original Soundtrack‘s last track lodged itself in my head and would not leave, no matter what I did.

The last track on The Original Soundtrack is “The Film Of My Love”, and I think it’s utterly demented.

I love it.

Be warned: If you listen “The Film Of My Love”, even if it’s only partially, there’s a fairly high chance that the main tune will burrow its way into your brain and stay there much longer than you want it to.

10cc – “The Film Of My Love” (1975)


Song of the day: 10cc – "Modern Man Blues"

January 6, 2013

Today’s song is dedicated to Rushbo, lover of all things 10cc. It was prompted by a pretty rare interview I saw on the telly yesterday morning and felt compelled to upload. Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart were in Australia for 10cc’s 1977 tour, and in the interview they yakked about a few things, including their soon-to-be-released live album, Live And Let Live.

When the chaps mentioned the live album I immediately remembered this particular track from it:

10cc – “Modern Man Blues” (1977)


I don’t why it was that song.

Song of the day: 10cc – "Reds In My Bed"

November 28, 2012

The enjoyable / informative / enlightening / illuminating / remarkable (that’s enough, Peter) blogger Rushbo has an enjoyable / informative / enlightening (stop it) blog called Big Plans For Everybody.

Rushbo recently posted his views on a new 10cc box set, Tenology. Rushbo is a bigger fan of 10cc than I am, and he was terribly enthusiastic about the set. I got the impression that he couldn’t get enough of it, whereas from what I’ve seen of it, I, er, could. (I voiced my irritations on Facebook. But I’m definitely interested in the DVD that’s included in it.)

Anyway, Rushbo’s unbridled enthusiasm for Tenology reminded me that I haven’t played you a 10cc song in ages. (“Thank goodness”, I hear non-fans of 10cc exclaim.)

To make up for the recent lack of 10cc in the general vicinity of this blog, I’ll play you three of my favourite post-Godley/Creme tracks. (If you have no idea what the phrase “post-Godley/Creme” means, then you are definitely not a 10cc fan – and you’d probably be better off reading a different blog today.)

I’ll start with “Reds In My Bed”. I think it’s a gorgeous pop song:

10cc – “Reds In My Bed (1978)


Now here’s 10cc gettin’ a bit raunchier (well, as raunchy a 10cc could get) with a song that’s like a dirtier version of “I’m Mandy I’m Fly” in which a chap has a bit of a liaison with a woman who is not what she seems. (Hint: she seems real.) This song is one of 10cc’s specialties: it’s a multi-part, mini-opera. This has six distinct sections:

10cc – “Shock On The Tube (Don’t Want Love) (1978)


By the way, the other two tracks in today’s post are in that box set, but “Shock On The Tube (Don’t Want Love)” isn’t. Grrr.

And here’s 10cc “in the groove” (sort of), as they head out to the dancefloor. This one has seven different parts to it (maybe the band don’t want to bore the listener):

10cc – “One-Two-Five (1980)


Song of the day: 10cc – "The Things We Do For Love (live)"

November 14, 2012

Watching this video of powerpopper David Myhr getting to grips with the guitar solo in 10cc‘s “The Things We Do For Love” reminded me of two things:

  1. Eric Stewart* is a superb guitarist; and
  2. I love the music of 10cc.

10cc – “The Things We Do For Love (1977)

(Live in 1977 – guitar solo played by Rick Fenn. Eric Stewart is on the piano, not playing the solo. Grrr.)

(*If you’re not au fait with 10cc, Eric Stewart is the chap who played the solo on the original recording.)

Musical coincidences # 259

June 10, 2012

The Doctors is a television program that’s shown here in Terra Australis (and no doubt in a gazillion* other countries as well). It’s one of those dreaded spin-off programs (the ones that America seems to specialise in). I think The Doctors is quite possibly one of the maddest examples of spin-off-itis, because it’s a spin-off from Dr. Phil, and Dr. Phil was a spin-off from The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Anyway, at the end of every episode of The Doctors you get the credits followed by the little company attributions. There are about three of them, and the very last one is CBS Television Distribution which has its own little theme tune (lasting all of two seconds):

CBS Television Distribution Theme (2012)

Every time I hear it, I hear this:

10cc – “Don’t Hang Up” (1976) (excerpt)

Here is the full version of “Don’t Hang Up”. You’ve already heard the CBS theme in all its glory (see above):

10cc – “Don’t Hang Up” (1976)

(*That may be a slight exaggeration.)

Song of the day: 10cc – "Silly Love"

May 14, 2012

I want to make it up to you for yesterday’s 10cc song (I can imagine you sitting there, with a thought bubble over your head, and the caption: “Yes, Peter, what were you thinking?”), so I’ll play you two 10cc songs that I think are much more suitable for this blog. Hopefully that’ll help compensate for yesterday’s lapse.

10cc – “Silly Love” (1974)


10cc – “Oh Effendi” (1974)