Song of the day: 1927 – "That’s When I Think Of You"

July 25, 2010

My friend Col (Hi, Col!) has asked to hear a song by an Australian band from the 80’s/90’s that I’d completely forgotten about.


Here’s a band called 1927 and a song with a title that’s pretty ironic considering how I haven’t been thinking about this ditty for the last couple of decades:

1927 – “That’s When I Think Of You” (1988)


“That’s When I Think Of You” appears on the band’s debut album, …ish (1989).

I remember liking the song when it came out*, and hearing it again after all these years, I still like it.

I’m not sure why, but “That’s When I Think Of You” now reminds me a little of John Waite‘s “Missing You” (1984):


It probably doesn’t sound anything like it, but still it reminds me of the Waitemeister’s song. (Maybe it’s the steady beat. Who knows?)

(*No gay jokes, please.)