Song of the day: ABC – "Hey Citizen!"

February 28, 2012

I’m not entirely sure why, but I feel the need to apologise for the haphazard nature of the recent posts on this blog. I frequently think that this blog should just focus on Australian power pop (it is its raison d’être after all), but I’m continually interrupting that thought with non-Australian, non-power-pop songs. Unfortunately for you, here comes another one…

I was reading a blog a few days ago (I’ve forgotten which blog) that said something about something (I’ve forgotten what exactly). Nevertheless, the post reminded me of ABC, the 80’s band that had all those wonderful dreadful witty cheesy wry hits (“Poison Arrow“, “The Look Of Love“, “All Of My Heart” etc) from The Lexicon Of Love, an album I thoroughly enjoyed owning on vinyl.

As I was reminiscing about ABC, I remembered that I also had their second album (Beauty Stab) and I really liked it as well. (I also remember liking that second album because it was more guitar-centric and focused less on synthesizers.)

There was one particular song on it that I thought was the cat’s whiskers. Here ’tis:

ABC – “Hey Citizen!” (1983)


What originally drew me to that song was the guitar part. The overall production is ultra-slick, but I still love that guitar part, as well as its sound. (I wouldn’t have minded it being more forward in the mix – maybe even drowning out the other instruments.)

I must admit that, after listening to The Lexicon Of Love and Beauty Stab again, I’m still diggin’ ABC.

As a bonus (or punishment, depending on how you feel about ABC), here’s another track from Beauty Stab:

ABC – “Bite The Hand” (1983)


Tomorrow I’ll try to get back to Australian power pop and keep playing Australian power pop – for a few days at least.