Song of the day: Adrian Legg – "Pass The Valium"

May 25, 2010

I first heard today’s performer on a radio station around 1983. I was in a car driving somewhere (probably to a music shop to buy guitar strings) when a track came on. When it finished, I thought “Wow! Who was that?”. I had to wait a couple more songs before I found out: it was an English guitarist called Adrian Legg and the track was “Pass The Valium”:

Adrian Legg – “Pass The Valium” (1983)


“Pass The Valium” appeared on Adrian’s 1983 album Technopicker which is now apparently very rare, although I’m sure you could buy it somewhere. (Someone’s selling the LP on eBay for about 3 bucks. Bargain!)

As a bonus, here’s another track from Technopicker, with Adrian in classical guitarist mode:

Adrian Legg – “Gebrauschmusik II” (1983)


And as an extra bonus, here’s Adrian with “Cajun Interlude”. Apart from showing you how he does impossible things on an acoustic guitar, this video has Adrian looking like everyone’s favourite English uncle:

Adrian Legg – “Cajun Interlude” (1983)


Wouldn’t you have loved to have an uncle like Adrian when you were growing up? (“Uncle Adrian’s here! And he brought his guitar!”)

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Adrian Legg on MySpace