Song of the day: Adrian Whitehead – "Spector’s Dead:

September 16, 2011

Here’s Adrian Whitehead with the musically gorgeous but lyrically unsettling “Spector’s Dead”:

Adrian Whitehead – “Spector’s Dead” (2008)


Adrian Whitehead on MySpace


Song of the day: Adrian Whitehead – "Caitlin’s 60’s Pop Song"

October 4, 2010

Here’s Adrian Whitehead with the conveniently titled “Caitlin’ 60’s Pop Song”:

Adrian Whitehead – “Caitlin’s 60’s Pop Song” (2008)


It’s convenient because it saves me trying to describe the song.

Thanks, Adrian.

Now, if we can get every other musician to give their songs musically descriptive titles such as “Lennonesque Rocker”, “McCartneyesque Schmaltz in G major”, and “Incredibly Slow Waltz in F diminished” instead of bothersome things like girls’ names, places, times of the year, “feelings” etc.

Adrian Whitehead on MySpace

Song of the day: Adrian Whitehead – "Better Man"

March 30, 2010

Here’s Adrian Whitehead with “Better Man”, a song that I’m pleased to say has absolutely nothing to do with Robbie Williams:

Adrian Whitehead – “Better Man” (2008)


“Better Man” appears on Adrian’s 2008 debut album, One Small Stepping Man (cute title). The whole album has that kind of vibe, so if you like “Better Man” you’ll like the album. Adrian’s voice – and the way it’s recorded – reminds me of Linus Of Hollywood, so I reckon if you like Linus then you’ll like this album, too. (Now that’s what I call useless information.)

I was originally going to describe “Better Man”* as “gorgeous”, or perhaps “moderately gorgeous”, or maybe “somewhat gorgeous”, but then realised that exactly how gorgeous you think it is depends entirely on how much you tolerate Beatlesque, Lennonesque, or Wilsonesque songs – especially ones not performed by The Beatles, John Lennon, or Brian Wilson.

As a bonus, here’s another track from the album:

Adrian Whitehead – “Radio One” (2008)


(*Adrian’s that is, not Robbie’s.)