Song of the day: Cold Chisel – "You Got Nothing I Want"

October 16, 2011

Here’s Australian band Cold Chisel‘s emphatic message to their American record company Elektra:

Cold Chisel – “You Got Nothing I Want (1981)


For me, nobody but nobody could shout his way through a rock song better than Jimmy Barnes. (And nobody could mime a guitar solo in a video worse than Ian Moss.)

Incidentally, in the interests of musicological comprehensiveness I must notify you of the existence of two cover versions of the song, both of them recorded by Australian troubadour Alex Lloyd. I’d rather not talk about them if you don’t mind. (One of them is a pointlessly country-ish version, and other is the reason I used the word “troubadour” to describe Mr. Lloyd, because I think the last four letters of that particular word sums up how I feel about it.)

Alex Lloyd – “You Got Nothing I Want (2000) (troubadour version)


Alex Lloyd – “You Got Nothing I Want (2007) (mystifyingly country version)