Song of the day: The Aliens – "Follow That Girl"

August 1, 2010

Because I’m not overly fond of skinny-tie music and don’t play it much here, it’s been brought to my attention (Hi, beyesn!) that, courtesy of my reluctance in this area, this blog doesn’t always deserve to have the words “power pop” in it.

No argument there, beyesn. I’m fully aware that not everyone coming here will want to hear some prog-rock/easy-listening/jazz-fusion/bubblegum track that I’d been listening to and prompted me to put it on the blog after I excitedly said to myself: “Oh, yeah – what a great song! I reckon power pop fans will want to hear that. Won’t they?”

The message I’ve occasionally been getting in the blog’s comments (and elsewhere) is that, as far as skinny-tie music goes, I don’t play you anywhere near enough of this musical sub-sub-sub-genre*.

So, in order to satisfy the yearnings of people like beyesn, and to prevent them from running away screaming from this blog just because of my particular (dis-)taste in music, here as a peace offering are The Aliens:

The Aliens – “Follow That Girl” (1980)


(*Maybe it’s only a sub-sub-genre of popular music.)