Song of the day: Alison McCallum – "Superman"

June 5, 2010

My friend Col recently suggested a song by 70’s Australian singer Alison McCallum. Although I liked it, I thought it was a little too country-rock for the blog. I much preferred this:

Alison McCallum – “Superman” (1972)


Incidentally, “Superman” was written by Harry Vanda and George Young. When I found that out (about three minutes ago), I was surprised because I had no idea they wrote it. But then I realised I shouldn’t have been so surprised. (It’s Australian. It’s the Seventies. It’s a good rock song. It’s Vanda and Young.)

In the interests of complete fairness, here’s the song Col chose:

Alison McCallum and Freshwater – “I Ain’t Got The Time” (1971)