Song of the day: Amy Heffernan – "Being Awesome"

July 7, 2011

And the requests continue. This time the request comes from a company called LaFamos Press.

Here’s a song by a Canadian artist, Amy Heffernan. I’m not particularly keen on it, but if someone was kind enough to let me know about it then I think it’s only fair that you get to hear it, too. Just because it doesn’t float my boat doesn’t mean it won’t float yours.

(I must apologise for that last sentence. It had way too many negatives in it – and they may have actually cancelled each other out. Plus that sentence may not have even made any sense.)

Amy Heffernan – “Being Awesome” (2011)


I think the main reason I don’t like “Being Awesome” much is that it reminds me of a certain artiste who also engages in foot stomping beats and “I don’t care what you think” grrrl-power sentiments (and the musical similarities are especially strong in the choruses)…

Pink – “So What (2008)


Update: My friend Stonefish (Hi, Stonester!) has a post featuring Amy Heffernan on his blog. It’s a different song, so if you’re in the mood to hear to something else from Ms. Heffernan feel free to shimmy on over there.

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