Song of the day: Apple Jam – "I’ll Keep You Satisfied"

February 5, 2012

I’ve already played you a Lennon/McCartney song recorded by Seattle band Apple Jam on this blog, but I’m rather in the mood to play you another one.

Apple Jam plays songs that Messers Lennon and McCartney gave away to other artists but never recorded themselves when they were in that band they were in. I have to say that of all the bands that do this sort of thing (i.e., play, sound, or look like The Beatles circa 1963-1965), Apple Jam would be my favourite Mop-Top re-creationists:

Apple Jam – “I’ll Keep You Satisfied (2009)


And here’s the original:

Billy J. Kramer with The Dakotas – “I’ll Keep You Satisfied (1963)


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Song of the day: Apple Jam – "Tip Of My Tongue"

October 9, 2011

A couple of days ago I played you the John Lennon-penned “Bad To Me“, recorded in 1963 by Billy J. Kramer with The Dakotas.

“Bad To Me” is one of a few early Lennon/McCartney-credited ditties that were recorded by people who weren’t The Beatles. Unhappily for Beatles nuts (like me), the Fab lads never recorded those rejects themselves.

Because “Bad To Me” had been recorded a few times over the years, I chucked in some of the other versions as well. In amongst them was one recorded in 2009 by Seattle band Apple Jam, and of all the versions – including the first, dare I say “original”, recording of it – the one by Apple Jam was (and still is) my favourite. It’s my favourite because the band does a mighty convincing job (to me) of re-creating what The Beatles may have done to those tunes they didn’t record. And I’m pleased to say that a couple of years ago Apple Jam released Off The Beatle Track, an album in which they pester a grand total of 15 glorious and not-so-glorious Lennon/McCartney throwaways.

The five minutes you just wasted reading the above paragraphs was a long-winded way of me letting you know that I’m keen to foist another Apple Jam version of a John ‘n’ Paul reject upon you. Here’s Apple Jam’s re-creation of “Tip Of My Tongue“:

Apple Jam – “Tip Of My Tongue (2009)


Splendid. I think it’s a heap better than the first recorded version:

Tommy Quickly – “Tip Of My Tongue (1963)


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Song of the day: Billy J. Kramer with The Dakotas – "Bad To Me"

October 6, 2011

Speaking of tunes that get stuck into your head*…

Billy J. Kramer with The Dakotas – “Bad To Me (1963)


Or if you want to get all purist:

Billy J. Kramer with The Dakotas – “Bad To Me (mono) (1963)


Here’s the chap who wrote it but never recorded it with his bandmates:

John Lennon – “Bad To Me (demo) (1963)


By the way, there are two more recent covers of the song that I think are worth hearing. The first is by Australian (Adelaide) Beatles tribute band The Beatnix, and I like it. The second is by American (Seattle) Beatles tribute band Apple Jam, and I like it a lot.

The Beatnix – “Bad To Me (1998)


Apple Jam – “Bad To Me (2009)


And I’ve just noticed that this post, with all those different versions of the one song, is much longer than it needed to be – just like yesterday’s post. I really must try to give you a Song of the day where it is actually one song.

(*Well, I was the other day.)