Song of the day: Appleseed – "Slipstream"

September 30, 2010

I’ve been debating with myself for ages about whether or not I should play you today’s song. (Should I? Shouldn’t I? Should I? Aargh!).

I’ve been wrestling with my conscience because, although it’s a bone fide power pop song and would fit right in on this here blog, I have to confess that there’s only one thing about the track I like: the guitar part at the start of the song and in the choruses.

As for the rest of the song, well…

Generally speaking, I feel slightly awkward bagging a song (after all, they took the trouble to write it and record it, not me), but if questioned under oath I’d be forced to admit that I don’t think much of the vocal melodies, or the singing, or the instrumental arrangements. But that guitar part – oh, man…

So I thought I’d stop wrestling with my conscience and let you decide what you think of the song. You may like it a whole lot more than I did:

Appleseed – “Slipstream” (2004)


(Musically speaking, that kind of guitar part is called a “drone” because the top notes are repeated while the bottom notes change. I’m a complete sucker for drones.)

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