Song of the day: Aqua – "Doctor Jones"

August 18, 2010

Today’s song was requested by the 14-year-old in the household (Hi, Natalie!).

The other day I was asked by the aforementioned whippersnapper, “You like Aqua, don’t you?”. I responded with “I don’t mind them. I really like ‘Doctor Jones’, though. I think that’s a great pop song.” The Brash One then said: “You should play that on your blog.”

Natalie, I think you’re right. I should.

So, for your possible listening pleasure here’s my favourite Aqua song:

Aqua – “Doctor Jones (1997)


My favourite part is the bit just after the chorus where Lene Nystrøm sings “Eip-ee-eye-ooh, eip-ee-eye-eh…”* melody (first at 1:14). That’s a great melody. (And that’s wonderful falsetto, too.)

If you can ignore all the production nonsense (that horrid drum beat and all those synthesizers etc), what you’ve got here is a solid pop song.

(*Lyric sheets all over the Internet say “Ah-yippie-yi-yu, Ah-yippie-yi-yeah, Ah-yippie-yi-yu-ah” but that’s completely wrong. It’s not “Ah-yippie-yi-yu…” at all. It’s “Eip-ee-eye-ooh”. Anyone can hear that. Just who transcribes these songs?)