Song of the day: Arlo – "Runaround"

December 6, 2011

I hope you didn’t mind yesterday’s foray into classical music too much. Today we’ll be leaving classical music behind and getting back on track. (Weak pun definitely intended.)

I’ve recently been listening to Stab The Unstoppable Hero by American band Arlo ($7 on eBay = bargain). I had heard the album a couple of times, and had mildly enjoyed it. (It was OK.) However, I recently listened to it again. This time as I was mildly enjoying it (again), track 3 came along it hit me right between the eyes.

Why didn’t I notice the magnificence of this song before? And why did I respond so enthusiastically to it this time, when the last couple of times I wouldn’t have given it the time of day didn’t pay it much attention? Ah, the mysteries of life…

[Suggestion: maximum volume, please.]

Arlo – “Runaround” (2002)


The more I’m listening to Stab The Unstoppable Hero, the more I’m enjoying it.