Song of the day: Axiom – "A Little Ray Of Sunshine"

November 7, 2011

Today’s post is dedicated to my friends Stephen and Bridget (hi, folks!) who added a junior camper to their household last week.

Welcome to the world, Amelia!

Axiom – “A Little Ray Of Sunshine” (1970)


Song of the day: Axiom – "Arkansas Grass"

February 28, 2010

After a recent Song of the day featuring an American band pretending to be The Beatles, and another one featuring an American band singing about a Japanese pet, it’s time to get back to something Australian. Sort of.

Here’s “Arkansas Grass,” an Australian song by an Australian band about the American Civil War (yes, really) – complete with a video of the Australian members of that Australian band dressed up as 19th-century American soldiers (well, why not?):

Axiom – “Arkansas Grass” (1969)

No matter how schizophrenic I find all of this, I still think it’s a mighty good song. Y’all.

Song of the day: Axiom – "My Baby’s Gone"

December 5, 2009

Hooks ahoy!

Here’s a song with more good tunes in it than just about any other song I can think of right now. It’s Axiom with the superb “My Baby’s Gone” (1971):


Update: Commenter Steven has alerted me to the fact that the above is the mono version. If you’re a hep cat and looking for the latest in up-to-date sound, then try the hip ‘n’ happenin’ stereo version. It’s groovy:

Axiom – “My Baby’s Gone” (1971) (stereo!)



(I couldn’t decide)

“My Baby’s Gone” was written by Axiom’s pianist Brian Cadd and bass player Don Mudie, and sung by Glenn Shorrock with background vocals by Cadd. As you can tell by the song, that was a killer combination.