Song of the day: A band – "Not Fragile"

June 12, 2010

As threatened a few days ago, here’s another one of my favourite 1970’s heavy rock riffs:

Update (29 December 2010): Unfortunately, I’ve received one of those Blogger Takedown Notifications about this here post. Something in it bothered someone somewhere, so I’ve removed the DivShare link to the MP3 and the album cover at the top of the post (Blogger doesn’t actually tell you which part of the post is the problem. It could be the MP3, or it could be the graphic. Or maybe somebody just doesn’t like my writing style. Who knows?)

In order for you to still hear the track I wanted you to hear, and for you not to have completely wasted your time coming here, I’ve replaced the MP3 with a YouTube link. Hopefully, that won’t bother the Blogger Takedown people:

A band I got into trouble for mentioning – “Not Fragile” (1974)