Song of the day: Toby Jugg – "(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice"

March 16, 2010

It’s time to get yer “la-la’s” out…

Here’s Australian band Toby Jugg with “(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice” (1970):


By the way, “(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice” was originally an Italian song called “Il Paradiso Della Vita” (“Paradise Of Life”) and recorded by Italian band La Ragazza 77 in 1968. It had its first English-language recording the same year by Welsh outfit Amen Corner, and their version went to number one in the UK – which may or may not have inspired someone in Toby Jugg to say to the rest of the band: “Hey, that’s a great song! Let’s record it!”.

Here are both those versions (as well as a Finnish reworking of it called “Paratiisi” by Bamboo)*:


Amen Corner – “(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice” (1970)

There are other versions of the song, but I don’t know how much tolerance you have for la-la-la’s so I won’t inflict all of them on you. Instead, you can read about how cosmopolitan this little ditty is (there’s even a Belgian version) on PopArchives.

(*I nicked that playlist from FINNPICKS. Thanks, FINNPICKS!)