Song of the day: The Bandana Splits – "Ricky Dee"

September 24, 2012

I was wandering aimlessly around YouTube the other day (as you do), and happened upon an American group called The Bandana Splits. I fell in love*.

Imagine a trio of ladies who sing music that’s a cross between The Ronettes and The Andrews Sisters, and you have The Bandana Splits.

All I can say to that concoction is: Yum. (And I’m in love.)

The Bandana Splits – “Ricky Dee” (2011)


An interview with the group (unfortunately the interviewer is rather uncouth):

And for an encore:

I’m in love.

But I’m not entirely sure why they named themselves The Bandana Splits, because their music and image have very little to do with…

However, that doesn’t stop me being in love with this group.

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(*For about the 97th time in my life so far.)