Song of the day: Barry Ryan – "Eloise"

July 19, 2010

Here’s English singer Barry Ryan with the monumentally, stupendously, ridiculously – and wonderfully – melodramatic “Eloise” (1968):


I love the demented vocalising at the very start of the song. Unfortunately, whenever the song was played on the radio that demented vocalising couldn’t be heard because it was blocked out by the voices of radio announcers who had no idea that it was pure sacrilege to talk over any part of this track.

By the way, the insensitivity of radio announcers reminds me of a comment a radio producer once made about commercial radio: “Music is what we play in between the ads.” Yes, indeedy.

Weird fact: “Eloise” was written by Barry’s identical twin brother Paul.

(Thanks to Col for suggesting “Eloise”. I hadn’t heard it in years and had completely forgotten about it. I’m glad there are people like Col around to remind me.)