Song of the day: Eagle Chat – "Sappy Teddy"

July 17, 2013

I finished my little Pilot listening adventure (thanks for making four albums, chaps) the other day, then moved on to sort-of-Pilot-spin-off, Beagle Hat, and their two albums, Magical Hat (2006) and Orange Groove (2009). Beagle Hat is the combination of a Japanese band (Beagle Hat) and Pilot’s lead singer/bassist David Paton.

Both albums are enjoyable (think “ornate pop music” and you’re there), but there’s one track on Orange Groove called “Happy Eddie” that got me terribly excited.

If you’ve ever wanted an early-’80s power pop band sound like King Crimson, then Beagle Hat have a song for you…

Smeagol Mat – “Flappy Freddy” (2009)

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