Musical coincidences # 395

May 23, 2013

Thanks to a recommendation by Powerpopaholic (Hi, Aaron!), I’ve been listening to Corin Ashley‘s album, New Lion Terraces, and semi-enjoying it.

One of the songs on the album has a melodic snippet that sounded very familiar…

Corin Ashley – “Eyeshine” (2013) (excerpt)

The Beatles – “I Will (1968) (excerpt)

Here are the full versions:

Corin Ashley – “Eyeshine” (2013)

The Beatles – “I Will (1968)

Musical coincidences # 393

May 14, 2013

My new friend Michael (no, not that Michael – a different one) sent me a sound file he created that featured a coincidence he discovered. It involves a band called Semisonic and a band called The Beatles:

Semisonic – “Never You Mind (1998) / The Beatles – “I’m Only Sleeping (1966) (excerpts)

That’s pretty conclusive to me.

Thanks, the other Michael!

Here are the full versions:

Semisonic – “Never You Mind (1998)

The Beatles – “I’m Only Sleeping (1966)

Musical coincidences # 374

March 22, 2013

This particular coincidence comes to you from the astute ears of friend and commenter FD13NYC. (Hi, FD!)

I recently played an Australian song from the 1970s, “Summer Love” by Sherbet, and FD commented:

“There’s a snippet in the song that sounds like a snippet from The Beatles Mean Mr. Mustard. Check it out.”

So I checked it out, and there it was:

Sherbet – “Summer Love” (1975) (excerpt)


The Beatles – “Mean Mr. Mustard (1969) (excerpt)


Much obliged, FD, for spotting something I hadn’t noticed in the 38 years I’ve been listening to “Summer Love”.

Here are the full versions:

Sherbet – “Summer Love” (1975)


The Beatles – “Mean Mr. Mustard (1969)


When 21st-century pop culture meets 20th-century pop culture

March 18, 2013

All the references are itemised here.

Song of the day: Frank Converse and The Cake – "She’s Leaving Home"

March 6, 2013

The things you see on the Internet.

One of the blogs I visit regularly (i.e., daily) is PowerPop. One of the contributors there, Steve Smiles (Hi, Steve!), posted a song by an American psychedelic girl group from the ’60s called The Cake. Steve posted this:

The Cake – “You Can Have Him” (on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, August 1967)

To me, that was The Shangri-Las on peyote.

Anyway, I watched that video then read the comments after the post. Commenter MJConroy (Hi, MJC!) said these ominous words:

Here is the full Cake story.”

I say “ominous” because it led me inexorably to the following two videos, which are quite possibly even weirder than the one above.

When I went to the full Cake story I found this video embedded in the page:

Frank Converse and The Cake – “She’s Leaving Home (on Popendipity, November 16, 1967)

I’ve seen that twice now, and it was even stranger the second time.

Incidentally, that Frank Converse video reminded me of something similar that was done in Australian a couple of decades later.

Here’s Australian actor Leonard Teale, and his interpretation of a fairly well-known song:

Leonard Teale – “Stairway To Heaven (1990)

Here are the the more familiar versions to bring you back to the Earth you live in (as opposed to the alternate reality presented in those other videos):

The Beatles – “She’s Leaving Home (1967)

Led Zeppelin – “Stairway To Heaven (1971)

Photo of the day

February 25, 2013

This photo was taken on Tuesday 25 February 1964:

On that day, those four musicians worked on these four songs in 6½ hours (with a one-hour lunch break):

The Beatles – “Can’t Buy Me Love (1964)

The Beatles – “You Can’t Do That (1964)

The Beatles – “And I Love Her (1964)

The Beatles – “I Should Have Known Better (1964)

At the end of the session they celebrated the lead guitarist‘s 21st birthday.


From The Beatles Bible:

10.00am, Tuesday 25 February 1964 (48 years ago)
Studio Two, EMI Studios, Abbey Road
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Norman Smith

Although The Beatles had taped much of “Can’t Buy Be Love” while in Paris on 29 January 1964, the first scheduled recording sessions for the A Hard Day’s Night LP took place on this day. It was also George Harrison‘s 21st birthday, which was celebrated in the evening.

The Beatles were due to begin shooting their first feature film on 2 March, leaving them with little time for recording. There were two sessions on this day: the first began at 10am and ended at 1.30pm, and the second from 2.30-5.30pm, both in Studio Two at EMI Studios.

The first song to be tackled was “Can’t Buy Me Love”. Vocals and guitar parts were overdubbed onto the backing track recorded in Paris, after which the song was complete and ready to be The Beatles’ next single.

The group then turned their attentions to the song’s future b-side, John Lennon‘s “You Can’t Do That“. The Beatles finished the song in nine takes, only four of which were complete. The previously-unreleased take six was included on 1995’s Anthology 1.

In the afternoon session they worked on two songs which ended up on the A Hard Day’s Night soundtrack. “And I Love Her” was the first to be tackled. The Beatles recorded just two takes on this day; the second of these, the only complete run-through, was also released on Anthology 1. The group remade the song on the following day.

Also begun on this day was “I Should Have Known Better“. Three takes were recorded, but only one was complete. As with “And I Love Her”, the song was remade on 26 February.

Song of the day: Harry Nilsson – “You Can’t Do That”

January 5, 2013

Harry Nilsson once covered The Beatles‘ “You Can’t Do That“, and in doing so decided to get clever and chuck in references to other Beatles songs.

There have been a few attempts here and there on the Internets to list the songs Harry references, but no-one seems to have provided a conclusive list.

Well, permit me to introduce you to a conclusive list:

Harry Nilsson – “You Can’t Do That (1967)

In addition to the bongos from “You’re Going To Lose That Girl” playing throughout the song, there is (in order of appearance)…

0:01-0:06  – She’s A Woman
0:06-0:10  – I’m Down
0:11-0:14  – Drive My Car
0:25-0:29  – You’re Going To Lose That Girl
0:34-0:37  – Good Day Sunshine
0:37-0:41  – A Hard Day’s Night
0:43-0:47  – Rain
0:48-0:51  – I Want To Hold Your Hand
0:53-0:56  – You’re Going To Lose That Girl
1:02-1:05  – Good Day Sunshine
1:05-1:07  – And I Love Her
1:06-1:08  – Day Tripper
1:09-1:13  – Paperback Writer
1:16-1:19  – Baby It’s You” / “You Won’t See Me” / “Nowhere Man
1:25-1:28  – Baby It’s You” / “You Won’t See Me” / “Nowhere Man
1:35-1:40  – Do You Want To Know A Secret
1:39-1:43  – Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
1:55-2:00  – Yesterday
2:03-2:07  – She’s A Woman
2:05-2:09  – I’m Down
2:08-2:11  – Drive My Car
2:10-2:17  – Strawberry Fields Forever

By the way, I didn’t make this song a Musical coincidence because Harry’s “coincidences” were all deliberate.