Song of the day: Beaut – "Goodbye Judy"

June 22, 2011

I’m afraid that today’s song involves skullduggery on my part.

I found a splendid new blog (i.e., new to me) called Wallaby Beat. It’s chock full of what they call “Punk, DIY, powerpop, grillfat, NWOAHM from Australia 1975-1984”. (I must admit that I don’t know what kind of music “grillfat” is – or “NWOAHM” for that matter.)

One of the songs there was something I’d never heard before. It’s “Goodbye Judy“, a power-poppy track by a band called Beaut.

Side note: Before I go on with my tale of skullduggery, I just want to say that I think ‘Beaut’ is a ghastly name for a band. Absolutely ghastly.

Back to the skullduggery…

I listened to “Goodbye Judy”, enjoyed it, and thought “Hey, that’d suit my blog.” That’d be no problem, I reckoned. I’ll just contact Wallaby Beat and ask for permission to use their track on my blog. Easy.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to contact Wallaby Beat anywhere on the blog. No email address, nothing. So, I’ve had to resort to filching the song and give thanks to whoever can’t be contacted on the Wallaby Beat blog.

Here’s the filched song:

Beaut – “Goodbye Judy (1976)

And here’s the filched song’s B-side:

Beaut – “Paper Chains (1976)

Thanks, Wallaby Beat – whoever you are!