Song of the day: Ben Folds Five – "Alice Childress"

November 11, 2012

Yesterday’s marathon post featured a review of Jud Norman‘s album, Baby Step. I have to say that Jud did nothing to deserve the unacceptable verbosity of the review (it was way too long), and he certainly didn’t deserve to have his album cover defaced. (Sorry about replacing that picture of your face with a kitten, Jud.)

However, the reason I’m mentioning all of that today is that one of the songs on Jud’s album prompted today’s song.

Track 11 on Jud’s album is called “Alison Mosshart”. When I saw that title I remembered “Alice Childress”, one of my favourite tracks on Ben Folds Five‘s their 1995 debut album. The melody in the chorus is gorgeous, and the harmonies make it even more gorgeous. An added bonus is those harmonies remind me very much of Todd Rundgren, which I consider to be Not A Bad Thing At All.

Ben Folds Five – “Alice Childress” (1995)


Now, because “Alice Childress” may be a bit too low-key for anyone coming to this blog expecting “Power Pop!”, I’ve decided to add a zippier song from that Ben Folds Five debut album. This one is “Julianne“:

Ben Folds Five – “Julianne (1995)


I love how for the drum fills we hear breaking glass instead of drums.

Another Song That The Song In Yesterday’s Post Reminded Me Of

Jud Norman’s “Alison Mosshart” also reminded me of this:

Elvis Costello – “Alison (1977)


There are probably oodles of other “Alison”-ish or “Alice”-esque songs out there, but they were the first two ones I thought of.

Song of the day: Magneto – "Underground"

April 19, 2010

Here’s “Underground” by Melbourne band Magneto:

Magneto – “Underground” (2006)


“Underground” appears on Resistance Is Futile (2006).

Note to Ben Folds Five fans:

If you’re a big Ben Folds Five fan, you may have seen the title “Underground” and thought “Yay! Peter’s finally playing a Ben Folds Five song!”. I’m sorry to disappoint you that it isn’t Ben Folds Five’s “Underground“. However, to help you get over the crushing disappointment of Magneto, here’s BFF’s* “Underground”:

Ben Folds Five – “Underground (1995)


Or maybe you thought today’s song was “Underground” by heavy-metal dude Thor on his 2004 album, Beastwomen From The Center Of The Earth – which, to me, is a serious contender for BEST ALBUM TITLE EVER.

Thor – “Underground” (2004)


Incidentally, I just listened to Beastwomen From The Center Of The Earth in its entirety. I don’t recommend it.

(*Unfortunately, I can’t think of a joke involving Ben Folds Five and the initials “BFF” that are now used by tweens everywhere in the Western World. I know there’s a joke in there somewhere, but I just can’t think of one. Sorry about that.)