Song of the day: Benjamin Towers – "11:17"

January 21, 2013

A lovely young man nice chap from America an agreeable fellow by the name of Benjamin Towers (Hi, Ben!) emailed me asking if I’d have a listen to three of his songs. (As opposed to three of someone else’s songs.)

I did, and found myself with the unenviable and onerous task of having to let The Benster know that I liked approximately 33.333% of them.

(At least I didn’t dislike all three.)

The one song that I did like was “11:17”. I liked how it utilised elements of songs from late-Fifties/early-Sixties songs but remained ultra-modern.

This is it:

Benjamin Towers – “11:17” (2012)

As for the other two songs, they were, ah, um, er – how can I put it? – they were… not for me.

The two songs, “Shouldn’t Have Told Me” and “Frankenstein” are heavily synthesized, rhythm-based, dance-oriented ditties that remind me very much of all those New Romantic acts from the 1980s that contributed to my current view of a lot of the music of the 1980s (i.e., I loathe it).

But I do like “11:17”.

Anyway, I let Benjamin know what I thought of the songs, and he was gracious about my response to tracks 1 and 3. (His response to my response was along the lines of “Ah well – you can’t please everybody…”)

But one good thing I can say about “Frankenstein” is that the title reminded me of…

In the interests of fairness to Benjamin, I’ll present you with the other two songs and leave it up to you to decide if you want to play them.

Please note: If you do play them, I take no responsibility for your reaction.

By the way, one of Benjamin’s publicity photos has me intrigued. When I look at this photo…

…I wonder:

“What is in his right pocket?”

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