Song of the day: Beyond Veronica – "If You Love Her"

April 5, 2012

I’m afraid that today’s music caused a bit of conflict in The Brain of Peter, and I was almost not going to post it. But there was only one aspect of the music that made me say “Oh dear” to myself – the rest I didn’t mind at all. So I thought I’d throw caution to the place you throw caution, and play it to you. That way, you can ignore my (possibly groundless) reservations and decide for yourself what you think of the band and the songs.

I received an email from an American band called Beyond Veronica, and it said this:

Beyond Veronica is thrilled to announce the release their 2nd full-length album Hard Times For Dreamers.

Hard Times For Dreamers is an edgy, power pop explosion, evolved from the sparking fire of their self-titled debut. Coinciding is the video premier of their first single, “The River’s Edge” which provides a curious and kaleidoscopic visual conceptualization:

The album shows the many influences of the band including ’60s girl groups, ’70s punk, and contemporary indie rock.

“Beyond Veronica are one of the best bands I’ve heard this year.”
Punk Globe Magazine (UK)

“Really solid and consistently enjoyable straight ahead rock ‘n roll. Front-woman Bonnie Veronica has a vocal command that sweetens and straightjackets the melodies in the songs and sweet, but assertive rock ‘n pop melodies hold it all together with aplomb. Very highly recommended!”

Hard Times For Dreamers is available on limited edition vinyl (with download card) nationwide from CD and download from CD Baby,,, and many others.

I had a listen to their album Hard Times For Dreamers. Unfortunately, after listening to it my first thought was this:

“I like the cover.”

That may sound a tad cruel – and unhelpful – so it might be better for all concerned if I expanded on that. What I can do is break down my reactions to the album by compartmentalising its various aspects:

The Songs: Garage-y rock/60’s girl group songs. I didn’t mind them at all.
The Sound: Good for garage-y rock songs.
The Vocals: Would you mind if we talked about something else?

But I do really like the cover.

I want to stress that I quite enjoyed the songs themselves. It’s only one aspect of the songs that gives me the heebie jeebies (see above).

Here’s the album so you can listen to it with your ears and make up your own mind:

This is the video mentioned in the email:

And I found two other videos of the band doin’ their thang:

Official website
Buy Hard Times For Dreamers at CD Baby
Buy Hard Times For Dreamers at
Buy Hard Times For Dreamers at